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“GOOD DAY” by Small Boss & Enrose

From humble beginnings, a fiery ambition set ablaze inside of Small Boss The Don. At just 7 years old Small Boss became determined to earn his spot in Hip-Hop history. A dream, seen by friends, family, and strangers alike as nothing more than a fantasy; something most people wrote-off as an impossibility.

Founding and incorporating his company Black Tie Records in 2011, Boss then released 10 mixtapes and self titled EP, Small Boss, which was instantly met with positive reviews, earning 500k+ streams worldwide.

It’s clear that Small Boss has range and can expand beyond that the simplicity of hip hop, he truly takes the genre and makes it his own. The notes of hip hop highlights his songs in a way that leaves you craving more, Good day is the latest single from the solo artist and Enrose which means you get to explore his music further.

Small Boss will rise to the top of being a favorite artist of yours, he entices you through the complex simplicity of his beats. It’s almost as if you’ve been put in a trance and Small Boss is hypnotizing you, when you come back to reality you’ll realize why Small Boss is at the top of everyone’s list.

Oddly enough “Good Day” is less jazzy and more hip hop it’s a nice twist to expect one thing but to receive something different. With that being said hip hop isn’t always about the music, it’s also about the vibe, the mood that jazz presents and that’s what “Good Day” does.


Reviewed by Winston.


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