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“I’M NOT BREATHING” by Rackets

RACKETS is a Los Angeles based rock band comprised of Harrison Kipner, Dane Sandborg, and Aaron Westine. Dane and Harrison met in elementary school.

Dane recalls Harrison encouraging him to take up playing the saxophone after being inspired by a jazz band at assembly.

I’m not breathing song is about losing yourself by trying to fit in. It's about that moment when you catch yourself in the mirror and realize you hate what you've become, and the whole charade you've been playing makes you so sick that you can't breathe.

The opening drips and bass drum welcoming the listener and the appealing vocals keeps the listener attentively to the end of the song.

“The verses are all ego, and the chorus breaks out to see what I'm really doing. I'm really proud of this song, it has a complete message and it healed me to write it” Says Rackets.

Compiled by Ace Sway


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