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JusKolMeAl Releases "Other People’s Money" EP

Other People’s Money by JusKolMeAl EP cover art
"Other People’s Money" EP by JusKolMeAl

Head of JusKolMeAl? The New Yorkers sure do, just ask one for the love of hip-hop. It must be obvious who JusKolMeAl is at this point and even his genre of music. Well, the New York artist has an EP for you all to enjoy for your listening pleasure. It is called "Other People’s Money" and you are surely going to love it.

JusKolMeAl takes you down memory on this EP with some fresh takes on old school style of lyrical hip hop. We all know hip-hop does not get old, it is only better with time, so it just took a modern twist to the genre to get it in sync with today's music. The brand new EP, Other People’s Money is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds specially made to keep you grooving all night long.

JusKolMeAl picture

Moreover, JusKolMeAl's traditional hip-hop style transports you back to the golden age of rap, while his fresh sound will keep you moving forward as you experience the best of both worlds. That is exactly what JusKolMeAl delivered in his new hip-hop extended play, Other People’s Money. The rap-infused musical piece is worth a listen and it would surely turn out to be a very good listen.

Meanwhile, JusKolMeAl is a hip-hop artist from New York known for his unique style and lyrical ability. With a musical experience that spans several years, he has been making music and has gained a following for his honest and introspective lyrics with a touch.

JusKolMeAl picture

Also, he happens to be one of the few artists, if not the only one, who draws inspiration from both old-school and new-school hip hop...


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