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“LIBRA IN LOVE” by Manny Moura

It’s always amazing to see how a longtime artist breaks out to create their own projects. Sometimes it’s absolutely captivating, and that’s the case for the recently revived solo project by this accomplished artist Manny Moura. Recently she has released her latest EP ‘libra in love ,’ which includes an amazing tracks such as, ‘high romance, Idelaize me.’ and mnay other tracks to check out.

Libra in love’ is proof that a full and gorgeous sound can be captured with once Manny Moura‘s vocals is on it.

High Romance’ opens the release, instantly drawing the audience in. Maura’s outstanding vocal performance demands the listener’s attention while the luscious instrumentation fills the sonic spectrum.

Idealize me’ is a soulful and exciting song filled with relatable lyrics and memorable melodies. In addition, we adore the intriguing production on “Equinox” which adds further complexities to an already intelligently composed and arranged song

Donnie Darko’ features gorgeous chordal progressions and soulful vocals. In addition, ‘Heart Surgeries’ takes the album in a fresh direction, keeping the listener on their toes. Finally, ‘Now that you’re gone’ closes this superb release and leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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