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Love Me Just a Little by John Conlin

Love Me Just a Little by John Conlin
Love Me Just a Little by John Conlin

Emerging pop artist John Conlin lays his heart bare on his new emotionally-charged single “Love Me Just a Little.” The Toronto expat who now calls LA home channels nostalgia for the 2010s dance-pop era on this gripping new song.

The song instantly captures attention– launching with powerful chords and a sudden rush of adrenaline. Over booming drums and guitars, Conlin's vocals blend purpose and longing. The choruses, which have arena-sized melodies, clear synth lines and potent rhythms, preaches a message of longing. Whereas, Conlin's voice emphasizes the lyrics' resolution and vulnerability with a combination of passion and control.

Love me artwork by John Conlin

"Love Me Just a Little" transports listeners into a realm of technicolor electropop. Drawing inspiration from the pop wave of the early 2010s, Conlin creates a sense of urgency with massive synth hooks and commanding vocals. Conlin's songwriting exposes the difficulties of maintaining self-worth amid fleeting relationships, as the song digs into the contemporary search for genuine connections.

Fusing arena rock energy with emotional honesty, John Conlin adds "Love Me Just a Little" to his collection of dark pop anthems. Whether you're a long-time fan or looking for a danceable song that speaks to the hardships of modern living, Conlin's powerful vocals draws you in.

Love me artwork by John Conlin
Love me by John Conlin




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