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“NO IS A NICE WORD” by 7000apart

Lauded by the Green Bay Press-Gazette as a husband-wife pop duo with a high school love story. Amelie Eiding and Jon Kresin are the core of 7000apart. Their story began in 2012 when Amelie left her hometown of Stockholm, Sweden to attend high school as an exchange student in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was there where she met Jon and young love blossomed.

When she returned to Sweden, the couple started a creative project they called 7000apart referencing the 7,000 kilometer distance between them.

No is a nice word sees 7000apart takes a detour into introspective territory, revealing a band with self awareness and story telling prowess, while still keeping their flair for melody and crafting an undeniable earworm. Over a classic bass drum and guitar loop, 7000apart lays to bare mental health awareness and their lyrics often touch on personal struggles that relay a universal message, yet his message is one of empowerment and overcoming those circumstances.

Another example of 7000apart is set to make an impact, putting on for their community, and destined for stardom, one by one creating a swarm of devoted fans and believers.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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