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Poppin from Proklaim: A Refreshing Fusion of Hip-Hop and Amapiano.


Proklaim brings an electrifying new flavor with his latest single "Poppin." Infusing the high-energy rhythms of South African Amapiano with hard-hitting beats and rapid-fire lyricism, Proklaim creates a sound that is progressive, unique and impossible to resist. 

From the opening notes, "Poppin" grabs hold with its vibrant tribal rhythms and infectious dance grooves. Proklaim's voice then enters rapping with dexterous flow, his words firing off one after another in an exhilarating fashion. Clever rhymes and inventive cadences reveal a wordsmith relishing linguistic play. Yet beyond the verbal athletics lies a message of seizing life's potential - of making words and actions count. 

This fusion of hedonistic beats and socially meaningful themes wraps up Proklaim as an artist. While the music spreads hip hop's party vibe, the lyrics reveal his roots in acts like Wu-Tang Clan and Tupac who pushed boundaries in both sound and substance. In bringing Amapiano's high-energy dance style into the rap genre, Proklaim likewise expands sonic horizons for hip-hop while retaining its thought-provoking essence.

The result - a track that captivates body and mind alike. With every listen, one feels compelled to move by those rhythmic pulses while taking Proklaim's carpe diem philosophy to heart. Urging all to maximize life's promise, his words resonate amidst these polarized times. 

Poppin signals an innovative new voice, one drawing from disparate black musical dialects to create an empowering hybrid sound. 




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