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“REASON” by Galaxy Thief

Galaxy Thief is a British indie pop/rock 4-piece from Swanage on the Dorset coast. Formed in early 2017, influences from Nothing But Thieves, The 1975, The Band CAMINO & Angels and Airways infuse their own unique and unprecedented sound. From local pubs to popular music venues and festivals around the UK, including Bestival 2017, Main Stage at Silverstone F1 Grand Prix 2017 to headlining Southampton's Music in the City, they have built a reputation for energetic live shows that

bring their fans back time and again.

This unstoppable band brotherhood is made up of Rhys Messenger (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), George Bowerman (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Ben Watton (Drums) and Jake Trim (Bass/Vocals).

It has been a handful of months since Galaxy Thief dropped their “timewaster, So for fans of this UK-pop delight, the wait is over but it was well worth it as "Reason" is a mix of simple yet haunting musical moments that give way to a energetic flow throughout.

This song comes charging straight out of the gate with relentless distorted instrumentals. The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, the song is distinctive and original, and I think Reason has strong commercial potential. There’s no better time to dive into their euphoric sound. Stream “Reason” now!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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