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Astralix Releases "Still Raining," Seeking Shelter in the Storm

Still Raining Cover Art
Still Raining

"Still Raining" marks Astralix's foray into EDM with their signature rock-infused sound. Released on January 18th, 2024, this dancefloor dynamo showcases the production talents of Chris Zoupa, Gary Dranow, and Louie Dupont. 

"Still Raining" immediately draws listeners in with its pulsating synth melodies and driving rhythms - classic hallmarks of the EDM genre. Yet beyond the technical brilliance lies a deeper emotional resonance. The lyrics depict a pleading voice seeking comfort and reconciliation with a loved one on a cold, rainy night. This raw outpouring connects through universally relatable sentiments of loneliness, regret, and desire for warmth both literal and figurative.

Chris Zoupa's guitar work provides texture while Roman Burda's blues harp infuses organic feeling. Combined with Louie Dupont's polished production, the song balances dancefloor energy with vulnerable authenticity. The vocals distinctly capture this duality between spirited revelry and solitary longing. Ultimately, "Still Raining" succeeds through this blend of technical and emotional - speaking to shared desires to connect, celebrate, and be comforted amidst life's storms.

The creative force behind this sensation includes Gary Dranow, Chris Zoupa, and Ukrainian collaborators Roman Burda and Klim Apalkov. Despite geographical divides, their shared musical passion produced this EDM triumph. Its contrasting melodic motifs perhaps reflect contrasting temperaments and experiences fused through respect and openness. Like it's crying out against the rain, "Still Raining" forges human connections across borders through the universal language of music.






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