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“TAKE IT THAT WAY” by Mike Baretz

A triple-threat singer/ songwriter/ producer, Mike Baretz is stepping out from behind the scenes and making himself front and center. He's credited on tracks with Kota the Friend. Mick Jenkins, Croosh, and has collaborated with the likes of Lars Stalfors (Still Woozy, Cold War Kids, Lil Peep) and Swagg R'Celius (H.E.R, Kehlani, Snoh Aalegra).

Baretz beautifully blends indie grooves and R&B Soul all in a delicious pop-minded coating.

"Take It That Way" undulates while always maintaining course. The forward drive of the beat allows Baretz to play with woozy atmospherics that never overtake. And his crooning abilities are in full force when he questions, "Don't understand why you take it that way, oh." In the video we see Mike in

beautiful house in the woods.

Lost in his thoughts, quick cutaways highlight the desperation threaded in the track. Shot in a style with grainy footage, the nostalgia is


Reviewed by Ace Sway


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