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Velocity: Astralix Takes a High-Octane Ride

Velocity by Astralix Cover Art
Velocity by Astralix

Bursting onto the EDM scene is the high-octane new single "Velocity" from Astralix, the innovative collaboration between composer Gary Dranow and producer Louie Dupont. Infused with raw energy and electronic flair, this track offers a euphoric musical ride from start to finish. 

From the very first synth notes, "Velocity" envelops listeners with its dynamic beats and dazzling sonic textures. The steady build-up of rhythms generates a gripping sense of momentum, propelling us forward like a rollercoaster gaining speed. Vocalist Jason Jones then enters the mix, his smooth vocals gliding along melodic riffs from guitarist Chris Zoupa. As the song progresses, new layers unfold, from glowing synth pads to thunderous bass drops that hit with spine-tingling force. 

Amidst the adrenaline rush lies a thoughtful lyricism reflecting on life's highs and lows. "We all make mistakes, we all have those days," Jones sings, hinting at the fallibilities of the human experience. Every sound has been meticulously crafted and woven together, resulting in a polished production that retains a raw, human edge. Dupont's exceptional mixing skills shine through in the crystal clarity of tones and the immersive stereo imaging that makes listeners feel they're right inside the music.

Picture of Gary Dranow
Gary Dranow

Driven by an irresistible rhythmic energy, Velocity fuses emotive songwriting with masterful electronic production. It's a track guaranteed to get your pulse racing.






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