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“WALLS EP” by Hangtime

Hangtime is an artist who managed to concoct a winning sonic formula by allowing different styles to come together. There is no point in getting stuck with only an album & creative perspective; hangtime takes this lesson to heart. Their most recent studio release, Right2Repair, is a perfect combination of hip-hop and alternative music with experimental electronic sounds unfolding over the span of his releases and these might seem different styles.

Walls opens the release to a warm and inviting vibe. We adore the strong and high notes production and layered instrumentation that lay a solid foundation for hangtime’s confident vocal performance to shine.

The title track ‘NFZ’ is a stand-out song complete with catchy melodies and relatable lyrics. The drum riffs sing out, complimenting the vocals. Such a rhythmic piece in addition to the whole album.

In addition, ‘Saturate’ takes the Ep in a rockier direction keeping the listener on their toes. This hears intelligent chordal progressions and vocal performance. And closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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