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“WIRE” by Chelsea Valentine

The beauty of music is that there is no timeframe or deadline for anything you do. Chelsea Valentine has always embraced this quality of it, even if she hasn't always been aware of it. Her career as a DJ taught her to entertain a crowd and keep a finger on the pulse of the Sydney music scene. After taking some time away and recovering from an accident, she found her way into songwriting.

Utilizing the art of storytelling as the crux of her lyrical composition, she finds inspiration in the likes of Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, and Fleetwood Mac. Chelsea Valentine is finally ready to share her talents with the world, and win over the hearts and minds of music listeners across the globe!

Chelsea Valentine’s Records continue to carry the torch dropping her latest release “Wire” all over the major platforms. Chelsea’s sound is a rip-roaring foray that highlights the songwriting genre. While the entire track is dripping in the instrumentation offers a dynamic interplay of compositional elements, which gives each line a unique stamp.

Chelsea’s sound feature awesome instrumentals, the spirited “Wire” highlighting the musical strengths of the musician, and the haunting flow. rhythmic instrumentals, thought-provoking lyrics, soaring vocals, and melodic keys. Wire is a fun ride and offers a great introduction to several unknown vocalists, as well as an impressive ensemble of musicians, this track is short but sweet and will appeal to general fans.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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