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Dylan Joshua always takes his art to core depths and reasoning from his lyrics to the visual representation. A modern-day philosopher going through life's trials and tribulations brings an honest, authentic, in-depth sense of feeling to his music. In an over-saturated music scene filled with glamour and glitz or dramatized hard-knock lifestyles, Dylan brings an authentic feel by blending genres of R&B and Hip- Hop, while talking about reality and the emotions that come with struggling from an everyday man's perspective.

His personal perspective and innovative production approach combine to create a truly unique experience.

"Wishing You Were Still Here" is inspired by some of the 2000's most influential artists,

"Wishing You Were Still Here" delivers a modern twist on musical inspiration from musicians like Usher, Ginuwine and Diddy. Giving fans a danceable yet mellow R&B soundscape, Dylan reflects on all the good times he had in a past relationship; a stark contrast to a dismissive trend of only seeing the negative aspects from a previous romance. Listen to wishing you were still here Now! Scheduling is a red flag.

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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